Sunday, October 24, 2010

Magazines are for Idiots.

Okay- a) cat hair, cat hair, everywhere. how does the floor amass so much of her fur. every day. should i brush her or something?
b) I cave and buy fashion magazines sometimes. They're fucking like.. I mean.. "Breaking News! Brushers Beware! ....Brushing your hair while wet can cause breakage... ladidadida. No shit. NO SHIT. REALLY??? Goddamn! Let's get Fox News on this bitch!
c) Anyone else have this problem? I RINSE my goddamn hair after putting in the conditioner for 10 minutes. Straight up. Then I turn off the shower. Feel it's still lathery. Rinse it again. Vigorously. The shit won't come out. This isn't just in my head (it's in my hair, actually.)


  1. Conditioner is made to stay in your hair. Some girls I know get a deep clean or a special shampoo to get it all off once a month. Some brands even have wax in them. At least that's what I read in a beauty magazine.

  2. I guess not enough rinsing is what a lot of girls have to deal with. I think clarifying conditioners are good for that, but then, I'm only half a girl so you probably shouldn't take that advice.

    I can't really do fashion magazines... the only one I do is Glamour because at least they talk to their readers like they have a brain (Cosmo, can you hear me?!)

    As for cat fur... if you've got hardwood floors, buy a Swiffer. Best $10 you'll ever spend.

    If you've got carpets... ugh. I hate vacuuming. And no, it doesn't seem like brushing the cat helps, does it...

  3. and the internet is just a boring place without your posts. i miss them. :(