Saturday, January 8, 2011

Does anything prevent scarring?

The demons come, they came to me last night.

When the demons come they want to ruin my face and they want to ruin my hands.

Demons are like heat-seeking missiles; they charge for the whitest light... I hurled myself against the gate, and bled, my face is covered in huge scratches and I hope they don't scar.

The demons come from the people dearest to you, your favorite light. Sometimes they are powerful and they overwhelm you, possess you, as they leave the person across the table... The person across the table says, Wow. All the pain and worries... you just made them go away... We spoke and now they're sitting in the ashtray.

Yes, you say. But you feel on edge... You feel sad... You feel exhausted... And two days later, you find yourself in so much pain and filled with so much darkness and rage and you feel them trying to siege at the person across the room. The person with so much light.

But you fight them... So you fight yourself... You watch yourself try to destroy you. The demons want to ruin my face, and to ruin my hands, and they wanted it so intensely I hurled myself against the gate, I scratched my fingernails slowly and deeply down my face, I punched the concrete and banged my head on it 15 times.

The person across the room didn't want to take on the pain; he stood there and watched and didn't stop me once.

I don't know if they are gone; I don't know if he, is now on edge, sad, exhausted.

I only know my face is covered in bruises and deep scratches. And it hurts to play the piano.

Does anything prevent scarring, can anything keep it from scarring me now...


  1. I will tell you right now, from one demon fighter to another, that taking possession of another's demons and slaying them are two entirely different things. It is not your job to take on the burdens of another - hell, it's not even your job to fight them. But if you sit across from someone and they want to share their demons with you - you better either have your armor up, or you better have your sword out. But you cannot show up unarmed, you cannot let those demons transfer over to you and crawl in through your mouth and eyes and ears and heart. That is not doing yourself nor your friend a service.

    And the only thing that heals scarring is time.

  2. I can not add anything beyond what Phoenix wrote. You need to take care of yourself first or you end up the martyr. Good genes and vitamin E oil.