Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Let it be written and let it be done

Laaaa, okay. Laaa, ugh, what to say?

On the last leg of work-in-progress, the last push, and there were the holidays, and then Elena's coming here Friday for 5 days, for NYE, and I'm stoked, but, I'm in such a work mode, gahhh... I'll definitely be wanting to go into the stoody at least some of those days, and she's welcome to come but I know she won't wanna come more than once and just sit there for hours, it'll be boring... but... good good all good things I just really wanna finish before my b-day.

And I have to get back to Work-Work a little. CASH-POOR. And I have no time right now nor do I wanna interrupt the flow. And I don't wanna drink. And I don't wanna party.


When it rains it f.n. pours.

1 comment:

  1. Well it certainly has been pouring there. Try to go with the flow for the 5 days. Kind of like having my kids all in the house. I just put myself on hold for these days.

    And yes sometimes work does seem like a vacation compared to most peoples jobs.