Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Unusual Activity.

I tried signing in just now and was told google had detected unusual activity on my account.

I changed my pw and shit. But this is really beginning to piss me off...


I wanna get done with my projects and start seeing the sun again and even going back to work and just normalizing out a little out of this (albeit amazing and wonderful but) hole.

I feel kinda sleepy all the time.

And I haven't seen any people in ages.

Merry Christmas to everyone though--

Love you all.



  1. yay! your unususal activity showed that you were gone....I thought you had too many people finding you on here and you had to delete your account. Glad to see you are back! :) Merry Christmas Scarlet...

  2. Yeh rumors were running rampant that you had gone. I am glad it is not true.

  3. tisk tisk...I suppose I am the one that was spreading such a rumor... deep apologies ;)

  4. Yes I'm here, I'm here! No though I did think that for a minute the gig was up. But F' em. :-) No need to apologize, JP!