Monday, December 13, 2010


So, the text conversation I had with C just now whilst at Table Top, where I went to study for today's final (not without hope of a Julian sighting, whose Christmas card I'll address in the next post...) as follows (C is in italics):

1 36: Feeling better???

1 48: Yes, quite a bit better than yesterday... Still slightly weakened but nothing like the alien takeover... You?

1 53: Zantar pennum kerxi nooptik. Vrzypo jheex meupplo!

1 54: Oh nicht! Still that bad??

1 55: Nope. Xlnt actually. They're just still in me brain. Coming down the hill very soon.

1 56: In your brain as in there to fester, or on your mind, as in you'll be sending them a dozen roses sometime soon? Haha. Ew omg Gargamel is sitting in my coffee shop!!!

1 57: Btw there's a luktar stuck in my right ear. Though his buddies peace'd already, he's sticking around.

1 57: No!!! Gargamel is at the table top????

1 58: But now we understand, it's a bit of a ghey hangout, no?

2 13: Dway, but what a red letter day!! The mystery of old Gargle solved at last. But it also means he terrorizes my spot. There's the rub.

2 14: Urgh, I had sent that text 20 minutes ago and was just apprised it didn't go through due to a "packet error." Sounds like something in my R homework.

2 19: Well we've got ourselves a new phrase for our arsenal. It works in many relevant situations.

2 20: Yes. Saturday evening a packet error caused a temporary lapse in sanity.

2 23: Ha! And I dropped a packet error directly below the clickclack.


2 28: Speaking of luktars, I still have three of 'em taking a gentle/prenatal yoga class on my forehead, and a couple wet monkeys swinging on my tonsils.

2 31: Lo siento mucho!!! Thought it was just a 24 hr bug.

So that's how me and C converse. Like we were raised in the wilderness together.

Translations available upon request.

And yes, L&G. I'm baaaa-aaaack.

Love and languages,

Scarlet O

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