Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the solstice and lunar eclipse and prayers for rain

So last night was a full moon and a full lunar eclipse and the winter solstice in one night, and i've been signed up for this shit for months... but my outpoured soul is raining down on los angeles, and has been for so long i can't even remember, really... whenever i think about...

i want to write about...

but, i have to be alone at home. and i'm not right now... at the studio, decided that fuck-all if overstaked people are reading my shit. it's a bad idea, and they won't get anything out of it. but yeah. no writing about my secret other lover two feet away from my other lover.

i love playing the piano more than anything in the whole wide world.

i'm gonna try to go stake out JD tomorrow. haven't really been able to with these sheets of rain. which always accompany and coincide with a particular tone of feeling i get about him...


  1. Veiled and secretive, I love it... Not really. Merry Christmas hon.

  2. I'm not sure who's stalking your blog but that sounds supremely annoying. I don't know why people do that or why they care but it's such an annoyance, isn't it?

    The rain didn't let up last night so it was hard to see the Eclipse - but if you google it, there are a few gorgeous videos out there that will take your breath away.

    Happy holidays, hon. Stay healthy and strong and awesome and rise above this bullshit.

  3. So Sir does not care for the veiled and secretive? I am known nationwide for veils and secrecy.

  4. @Phoenix-- thank you, girl!! I take your advice. Marching on! Stay healthy too and congratulations on all your good stuff as of late, you've earned it :-D

    @Bathwater-- Hehe. and @Chloe too, I'm not trying to be secretive just to be secretive... I'll give it a rest soon... just spies comin' outta the water. This is actually one place I've thoroughly enjoyed opening up.