Thursday, December 23, 2010

Still here, still weird


Yes, I've had to be veiled and secretive. But one possible lurker has just sworn on a stack of bibles they'd stop haunting the place. And I believe him. So, you know who you are, if you're reading this right now, shame on you, it ain't gonna do ya any good, and it's just precisely the very thing I've told you I find disrespectful and unappealing AND, there's a difference between deceit, and keeping secrets, and simply wanting mental privacy; allow me to have my thoughts. They'll only hurt you if you sniff around where you oughtn't.


Quite enough on that.

I am currently AT Table Top, and have resigned to the fact that I probably won't see Julian today... Just a feeling... I dunno... It being the holidays and all I wasn't even sure if he'd be in town, but I lurked the parking lot and indeed I see his car. Well, who knows.

About the Christmas card--- next post :-)

Merry Christmas everyone. Or did I already... I dunno... I don't have any plans :-( Sad, huh? I'll do something though. And Elena's coming here for 5 days for new years!!!! Wahoo!!!


  1. You should be flattered that people are reading your blog. I've read some of your previous posts and it sounded like some were trying to spy on you, but if they're reading because they find it engaging, that's kinda nice.

  2. Merry Christmas to you too, my girl. I hope you've been well. I know all too well what it feels like to be stalked and I gotta warn you - even if they promise to not read it, they will anyways. Just FYI. Curiosity kills more than just the cat and all that.

    Stay well, make it safely through the new year, and 2011 is gonna blow up for both of us. I can just feel it.

  3. Scarlet I have to agree with Phoenix, even though I switched to a new blog, and even though I don't say anything but the meanest things concerning her my ex found my new blog and is still occasionally reading.

    Best thing you can do is ignore them.