Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I just ran my six miles and I saw, another incredible, I mean the Form of the Shooting Star.

I saw it overhead, coming, I was like What...... I thought, okay that must be a really fast plane of some kind flying really low, but then, its silver fat tail glimmered into dust and so did it, breaking off into pieces red and gold...... I couldn't believe it.... a couple cars slowed too.... most of them didn't though... didn't see it... didn't notice... who's looking.....

I was right across from Julian's office. Heh. Of course...

Now look about C... I'm not, I'm not caught up like this. I don't expect anything from him. I did NOT expect to hear he and his wife are splitting up. Sure, sometimes I have little flights of fancy about stuff in the future. But I care about our goddamn project. Relationships are just not important right now. Despite what my heart says, every now and again.


  1. A shooting star is always a good sign right? I'll take your word for it. You got to remember with us commenters sometimes we project our own short comings on to others.

    As I read your post Dashboard Confessionals Vindicated is playing in my mind,

    "Hope dangles from a string, like slow spinning redemption, winding in and winding out the shine of it has caught my eye and roped me in so mesmerizing, so hypnotizing; I am captivated."

    Which is again my short coming I can never snuff out that tiny flame. Good talking to you S.:)

  2. when I was a kid, there was a meteor shower one summer when I was up in Montana visiting my grandparents. My cousins and I slept in the back of the station wagon with the seats down and watched them all night, making wishes with each one. Not quite as fantastic as what you described, but it was still really amazing.