Wednesday, March 2, 2011

another issue ive been yearning to get off the proverbial chest is that C is driving me up the fuck a wall. i dont even wanna get started about all the ways in which he has passive aggressively tried to control me and diminish my creative control, or the fact that he's in love with me or in some sort of fucking HAZE of adulation and fear of being alone and having a midlife crisis and finally doing a project on the scale of which he is worthy instead of sitting in his studio writing jingles.

he like, really thinks, that the songs are "ours". you know what, i'm willing to eat it on my first record. the truth is unchangeable. people will know it eventually.

i'm finally speaking to my lawyer tomorrow. it's a freebie. associate of my ex. so i dont know how in detail i'll get about this WACKED the FUCK out contract, or the fact that there's you know, friendship manipulative emotional ploy shit going on and that i dont want to be backhanded either....


that, yeah.


  1. Man you have end of layers of stress built into your life do you.

  2. Hey there stranger! Was wondering if I'd ever get invited to read your blog. :) Thanks for the invite and I'm off to go catch up on your life.

  3. Now that I'm caught up - YES. Have a good lawyer. I'm an actress, we get screwed on contracts all the freakin' time. Yes yes yes.