Wednesday, March 16, 2011

sorry i havent been writing... well i cant be sorry... cuz ive been working like a dog... like 30 hour days at the studio... like one afternoon into the next evening... we're getting so much done... and big shows coming up... writing and playing music for commercials now too... so then ill be up for 2 days and then i'll sleep for 14 hours or something... and then i have my sociolinguistics which is such an advanced class and the other students are so good i really have to put in the time...


all this good shit came about today but for some reason im just in a foul stinking and sad mood... i know its just chemicals and hormones out of wack so i'm aware of that cuz theres not much to be upset about... but still, when the Feeling happens, it just is. and im positively anhedonic.

what else can i say. i still miss julian like an idiot. he sent me an email out of the blue. but it was blank. maybe just a mistake. whatever i really dont wanna think about it.

thats it. want this day over.


  1. You need to take care of yourself, you want to be alive when everything comes your way. Post mortem starhood just makes everyone else rich.

  2. I miss you! How's it going?