Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Stripper Question for a Shrink...

I did good tonight. I always do better when I'm sad... I come in, don't talk to anyone, do my make-up, dance different, more sex, more angst, more pathos... I drink more and I talk to the guys because... I'm there. And I don't wanna be anywhere else. There's nowhere else. Not at some better job, not with better friends, not with a man who loves me. So I dance. Dance the pain away.

My Playlist on Stage:

Buddy Guy- 5 Damn Years
Jay-Z- Empire State of Mind
NIN- Closer
Bob Seger- On the Road Again
Jonny Lang- Lie to Me


  1. Dancing seems to be an escape for you. Gotta have one for sure.
    And what seems intersting is that as it might appear to some that it would not be theaputic, it seems to do you well.

  2. It does... I thought I'd have issues about it, but it's actually been a liberation. The only issue is the not being able to tell anyone about it... THAT kinda sucks..

  3. Understandable. But there is nothing degrading about it. It's a profession like any other. It's about entertaining. If you do it well, then you're succeeding at your profession.
    Believe me, I have met some pretty ranky dancers. Some who don't give a shit and others who enjoy it and take it seriously as an art and a serious profession.
    No one should think any less of you for it. Besides, who really has the balls to do what you do? You have to be pretty confident to do it.