Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Kindness of Strangers

I shall not go to sleep past 3...
I shall not go to sleep past 4...
I shall not...

I was jamming out on the way back from work with my headphones on, oblivious, when I heard two people yelling at me. I looked across the street and there were two guys at the bus stop waving me over... I thought they were probably from the club and had to cross the street anyway, so I walked toward them and they kept gesturing but I couldn't hear so I took out the earbuds and one of them yelled, "You have the voice of an angel!"

"We've been listening to you for like 10 minutes, you were all the way up the street... Seriously, man, amazing range..."

"Oh and you're pretty, too!"

It was nice.

I am beyond shot... I've slept about five hours in the last three days, I got up at seven, and four a.m. is staring me in the face.. It sucks, I get out of work, beyond shot, and I have to go deposit my wad of cash at the bank in case I get robbed or spend blindly or something, and buy food, and eat, and clean up, and feed Madeline, and wash up, and put away more crap, and stretch, blah blah blah. I had to clean tonight. My place is just a devastating mess. It's gotten really bad.

I slept-danced through work today though I did pretty good. I was real close to flaking at like seven. o' clock when I got home from Manny's studio and popped in Julian's movie. I have to say it kinda blew. I love most of his movie recommendations but this one was a honker. I'm gonna tell him tomorrow. He likes really dark, heady, European films, a fact that I can't totally reconcile with the rest of him. It's sexy. Fuck I wanna know more about him.

That neighbor, Alberto knocked on my door again! This time with a birthday present! I opened the door this time and talked to him a little bit even though I didn't have time. He's like five-foot nothing and real nerdy but he's so sweet and he offered to help me with school. The present was... well it was CLOTHING, which is a strange choice for an abject stranger... It was a black tank top and a zebra striped THING I couldn't even identify. Jess and Manny gave me a Christmas present too today... A photo album of pictures he took of me and red business cards Jess made me cuz she thinks I should have them when I meet music people... I didn't get anyone anything this year... Fuck, when will I have the time for anything.

My thighs are bruised and I have whiplash from lazy, tired dancing. Julian tomorrow. Just typing his name makes me burn... But I'm not sure how to act with him after Monday. I told Manny about it and he said "he's toying with you." Well no kidding. He said I should go in without underwear and a skirt and give him a Sharon Stone shot. He said that would give him some jack-off material. Well yeah but he'd also think I'm just a straight-up whore. Nooooot happening.

Ok. Bed. NOW.

Love and loads of Lean Cuisines,


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