Monday, January 18, 2010


Ugh! He's probably handicapped! Now I feel bad... :

I was smitten. I did like you. Still do, actually. Never meant to insult you or appear aggro. Not my way, I assure you.
Bret (the ass-hat)
PS Regarding my music? Kinda don’t know what you mean on that one."


Oh well, Julian (Julian!!!) would be moving me right along on this one (O! Hearken the day! Erst I once showed mine own true J of Darcy Dan's text and he said, "Just leave it.") and I'm gonna make him proud. The guy isn't actually handicapped.

Oh, fack, update on the neighbor. Like $200 earrings and necklace from Betsey Johnson. WHAT. Not my taste at all (and bearing the receipt. With price. Class-y.) but goddamn.


  1. LOL. $200 bucks for eaarings? Maybe I am off base here but, it seems to me he either is a really, really nice guy who likes to just make people happy. Or, he is making moves and is taking his time.
    If you're goona make a move on someone, be a little subtle but obvious. Send the flowers, candy, cards, or even some fruit. I think jewelry is a bit much for someone you hardly know.

  2. I agree! It's very strange! And I haven't responded yet... How do I respond to that though? It's kind of aggressive, really!