Saturday, January 16, 2010


Apologies for not writing yesterday. I slept through the entire day. I slept through eveything... Right through plans and calls and "A League of their Own" and 30-odd hours of Nickelodeon blaring in the background, coloring my dreams lime-green and DayGlo orange. I do this like once every two weeks, after living in a sleep-deprivation tank of my own construction. Sigh.

I told J about needing the tube on to fall asleep and waking up to Spongebob Squarepants (genius) after clonking out to Roseanne (also kinda genius) on Nick at Nite when all the other channels have gone black, and he made a face that made me laugh and then he said, "No, I mean, nothing wrong with Roseanne, it's just, all that noise..."

I woke up like 18 times last night/yesterday/Thursday night to Madeline in various poses around my head and body. It was exactly like this website J told me about:

If you've got a kit-kit, check it out. Okay, time to address everything needing addressing.

Love and late-night television-movies,



  1. Somehow, when I fall asleep watching the tube, I end up turning the channel to some hispanic channel that I can't understand. Then, next thing you know, I hear spanish in the background and I have crazy dreams.

  2. Haha :-) That's not too bad, maybe you'll learn Spanish in your sleep. Es possible, no? Claro.

    Spongebob as I mentioned is genius to wake up to, but that was Saturday... usually it's other kids' shows and I'm tellin' ya. There are some BUGGED OUT kids' shows these days.