Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sharon Stone Shot: Hot or Not?

Manny: This sounds hot.

Me: Uhhrghlllrrrll....

Manny: What do you wear?

Me: Like, different each time.

Manny: Like sexy? Showing leg?

Me: Oh yeah, uh-huh.

Manny: Hot. You should go in there without underwear... give him a Basic Instinct thing...

Me: No way.

Manny: Just say you didn't do your laundry. That would give him some jack-off material.

Me: Well it does happen... I don't do my laundry like, ever...

Manny: Jess probably does it once a month. She has this huge pile in the bedroom. It'll be about $20 of loads.

WHAT DO I DO FOR J TODAY??? It's not gonna be THAT, but what? What??

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