Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Message from the Grave

Meowing from work.  All sorts of overit, really, I feel like such a trainwreck when I go into these comas, it's not cool, not cool at all.  My place is a DUMP.   Madeline was driving me batshit bonkers.  Dan called me 10 million times with some really Borderline shit.  And OMG!  That neighbor knocked AGAIN today.  I heard the knocking, and pretended I didn't hear the knocking, and then for a good minute, kept knocking.  Peephole, NEIGHBOR, "Hey-- sorry- I really don't like knocking, I'm just weird like that--" "Oh, yeah, I just have a Valentine's Day present..." ???!?!?!  "...Just in case you were busy that day or something..."

Two little boxes from Macy's.  I have not opened them yet.  Swear to God though.  Okay.  Back to work.

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