Sunday, April 4, 2010

2:15 to Yuma

2 hours and this day, this 3 days, this little chapter, will be over too. I'm at work, 99 kinds of overit as usual, making decent money but feeling fat as a house, sluggish, depressed, depressed... I haven't been at a computer in ages. These last 80 hours, these last 80 hours since Julian to be honest, have been the slowest hell. I spent all weekend waiting to just get home, and then, hour at the airport, 2.5 hrs on the plane, hour at the other airport, hour on the other plane, half hour on the bus, half hour on the train, stuffing my face and lugging my shit te whole way through, reading a vampire romance novel for teenagers, finally got home prepared to crash out in solitude since I'd told everyone I was gonna be back a day later, and Vinnie called me in to work and I just went, to do a favor, and here I am, and I can barely keep my eyes open and my shoes are broken and my stockings keep falling down, and I'm bloated.
...And furthermore, I'm depressed. Though being here, is kind of helping... It would if I weren't so damn sluggish, but I am. Lethargic in the way only a depressive can be... But man. I really am glad to be home. I really am.

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  1. if you're reading Twilight... I can only say that Edward Cullen ruined me for all mortal men forever. And I don't even go in for vampire stories or teenie fiction. It's enough to depress anyone dissatisfied with their love life...