Thursday, April 22, 2010


My regular e-mail account's gone to the dogs.

Yesterday a friend, that I kinda rarely e-mail wrote me telling me he got a strange e-mail from me with a link, and then I got a bunch of delivery failure messages and looked in my outbox to see that every account on there had been e-mailed some weird shit and then my phone beeped me to re-enter my password because my log-in credentials failed. So I tried to fix it and gmail told me my account had been disabled so I wrote them all about it, hopefully they'll straighten it out soon.

It's fitting, because I hacked my own body the last few days. I feel like kind of a jackass. I don't know why but on Monday I called my pill dealer friend and grabbed a bunch of those Vicodins. I really don't know why. So I was taking them and drinking yesterday and the day before, and they were really gross, and I couldn't sleep or eat, and I didn't go to class, and I went to meet an old friend and was just in a crap mood, but I just felt like I had to finish them. So today I feel like straight ASS. My nose is all runny and I'm exhausted and a bit achy, but mostly exhausted, like I have a fever. I don't get how people can do this crap, to me it just seems like the only thing good about them is that they reset you kind of... back to basics:

Ya think life is good now? Imagine it if you weren't irritable and confused and fu33y and you could keep your eyes open for more than 30 seconds and could finish a sentence and didn't have to throw up every half an hour!!! Well all that could be yours for the incredible price of NONE of your goddamn money!!!


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  1. I think that hacking thing happened to my grandma's account too. It might be a virus. I keep getting the same email from her with a link and it says something like "THIS IS IMPORTANT! Every church should show this Sunday morning." Now I've gotten about tweleve of them, and when I sent her an email to tell her, I got even more.