Sunday, April 18, 2010


I should've gone to work tonight. I got all my tax returns back, so when I get a receipt at the ATM today I was like WHAT-- I did a couple gigs that paid really well and were also like 50% taxed, so I got back a LOT-- and got home from this Art Walk thing with Em and was just tired from walking around all day, and tired and tired, so I didn't. But maybe I should've. I'm in a rather shitty mood. And I have homework to do (and heeeeere's the weekend! A-gain! AAAAAND it's over.) so I only had like a few minutes after getting home and I was just dawdling a little even though I told a regular of mine to go in but ultimately I'm to F'in tired... I'm gonna try to make myself go to bed in an hour. Ok. Not gonna say what I was gonna say. Ha.


1 comment:

  1. Sleep well and you won't feel so shitty. Or you could always eat some Salt and Vinegar now I know they are you favourite!
    Getting tax back has got to be good?