Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I need to tighten the reins yet again, on my cyberprivacy.

This loser ex of mine, the one who i stuck with for 9 months but is, as J would say, an "ineffectual basement dweller"... just found this blog by way of some seriously psychotic searching, read nothing but anything he thought might be about him, and then decided-- entirely unaware of what's real and what's fiction (AND WHO CARES MAN, it's over) that I cheated on him, and texted me at 1 in the morning to call me a bunch of names. We haven't spoken really in almost a year.

So, Ineffectual Basement Dweller, if you're gonna read my blog at least become a follower and show some respect.


It's things like this that actually sort of reaffirm my confidence in my abilities, my potential, my future.

Thanks, IBD


  1. Ex's can TOTALLY suck! One of my ex's used to love leaving me hate comments on a forum board I used to run :(

  2. Ugh. Crap like that totally pisses me off. Sometimes men are really just immature little boys running around with scissors, aren't they...

  3. Eww! So sorry to hear that! It's one thing when you allow others to read your thoughts openly. It's feels entirely different when you're invaded like that. Sheesh. He does sound like a basement dweller :(