Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hello, you've reached the confidential voicemail of Julian Darcy. To leave...

Vinnie called me just now, and I didn't answer... it would make sense to go to work tonight since I can't tomorrow or the following, but, I'm so tired, and I have my show coming up and I should practice, and rest a little.

I went thrift shopping with Em today. SCORED. Like, whole new wardrobe for $50. And 2 pairs of rad shoes. Unbelievable. It's partly, I kinda knew what I wanted going in there. You need to, in a gigantic Good Will...

Um, I feel really sad, and confused. J canceled Friday, and I said I maybe couldn't Tuesday, and he said he maybe could Monday, but never followed up, and now it's Sunday night, and like, I haven't written him at all, like I usually do, but I have about that, to ask about the appointment. And he hasn't answered. And now it's tomorrow, and I don't even know... I guess it's Father's Day. And he's... out of town or something?

Who knows.

But he should be responding to his patients. About appointments. Especially when he requires a 72 hour cancellation notice.

And. This makes me really sad. And I still really care.


  1. Sorry to hear you're feeling like this. It'll get better. Get some sleep.