Monday, June 28, 2010

when harry met sally

i REALLY love that movie.


  1. This movie is awesome. It's hilarious and heart-breaking and sometimes super awkward and just about everyone (guys and girls) sits through it and thinks that's exactly what they want out of life, fuck ups included.

    And you're right - Gogol Bordello freakin' rules. I caught them Tuesday night at The Mayan (I'm guessing you were at Monday's show?) and it was the first time I'd seen them live and my jaw.just.dropped. So much energy, so much life...

    The concert was absolutely amazing.

  2. oh no way! yep, monday, for the solstice... tuesday i was playing my own show at bar lubitsch... not the same party... haha... but i played the Sun is on Your Side in honor.... he's a genius right??? and like an hour and a half, tireless, incredible.
    and yes, the movie, sigh, sigh sigh sigh. so good.

  3. I feel like that movie is my life!