Sunday, June 27, 2010

short update

short posts cuz i only got time when he's takin the dog out for a pee and im being surreptitious, on Private Browsing

felt sour earlier... he wouldnt even buy me sunglasses... kept talking about his client M---- huge superstar involved in scandal with lady of my ethnic background and musician whose music is very similar to mine about how she sucked and was a whore and wants his money, and kept saying how women blablabla and he wouldnt wanna just buy them stuff.... implied he wouldnt be me a cheapass 12 dollar pair of sunglasses and he's a zillionaire who doesnt work.

i, not even totally deliberately, started acting real glum.

so then he bought me $200 swimwear.


and now we're going to the ocean.

feeling a little better.

be home later.


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