Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bawk, bawk-bawwwk!!!

Yeah, I dunno.  Got an hour til Julian... I have a feeling I'm gonna chicken out.  No, listen.  First of all I had to do all this stuff this morning, and the maids came so I had to take Madeline with e, I'm still exhausted and gross from Sunday night, and I feel REALLY FAT.  When I'm tired I eat like a pig.  I feel like a sausage.  And then, J wrote back last night... He said he'd be happy to hear the CD, please bring it... So... Aside from sucking andbeing full of mistakes that hurt my ears-- well, it might to the talking for me... Though he probably won't see it... But really the main this is that his secretary called me twice to say he's running late and to move the appointment back, first 15 minutes, then a half hour... So I think hell be distracted and in a bad mood...

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