Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bigot Bloggers!

I comment occasionally on this one super-intellectual-geekout blog and they hate me even though I just say nice, normal things. Prejudice in cyberland where I don't have a face? I can't even say they hate redheads. :-(


  1. Now we want to know what blog it is

  2. Ack, I know, that was triggerhappy and incendiary... It's a really popular blog, been written up in newspapers and stuff, not a literary or personal one but sort of a hobbyist/criticism theme... God knows how many readers but oh about four-score comments every morning within an hour of publication, mostly from cliquey regulars for whom it's the neighborhood pub. I'll tell you in a mail if you want to know, obviously not here, though this post is beginning to look like a cheap trick.

  3. Ahh! Now I'm intrigued as well!!

  4. No, no way, I'd never. I'd delete the daylight out of this post if I weren't pretty much anti-THAT, unless it involve[s] truly wrongass behavior, exploitation and invasion of privacy.

  5. Hey Scarlet!

    Bigot bloggers suck BUT you should just ignore them because they're stupid, mean, don't know you, and DON'T MATTER AT ALL!!!

    If you want, I'm sure we (meaning those of us who consider ourselves your cyber pals) could go on over to said blog and leave them a comment or two...

    Seriously, don't even waste your time reading their crap anymore. It's just not worth it.