Tuesday, February 16, 2010


For all the typos as of late, my internet's been wacked out so I type from my phone.

Emmy's Mac N' Cheese should be illegal.

Dude. I can't even absorb this. Ah. Thursday. Hey Julian, Dr. Darcy, baby, I want to lick you, and pull your hair, and straddle you yeah we've done it about 300 times, each time is better than the last, last time when you threw me up against the wall was hot right? I can't keep my hands off you, I can't stop touching you, your hands are all over me everywhere we go, my lips are all over you, I can't stop touching you, I HAVE NEVER TOUCHED YOU, not even your fingertips, GOOD CHRIST.


What's he gonna SAY what am I gonna say what am I gonna do.

He said, can I keep this one, about my CD, I said sure, if you want to... or... it's yours now, you can use it as a coaster... The guy who invented the frisbee just died, he said, I can use it as a frisbee. He held it high over his head and I wanted to grab his hand and say, hey! He set it up for me. I didn't do it. Slow. Slow me. Sloe gin. Oh god I have a feeling, I don't know, I'm nervous.

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