Monday, February 15, 2010

Okay, some deep breaths later.

Hah, I'm fine. I talked to Sean for hours. I do miss the #^*& out of Sean. Ex fiance. We were really in love. I was worried we'd end up living in a trailer park in Baton Rouge if we got married, but sometimes I think we'd have been pretty happy just doing that. He was always so cool about everything, didn't even give me shit about the job, though he was kind of pissed to hear I'm doing it now, considering it was one of the reasons I left p-town, thinking I'd never have to do it again, working at this fancy store here that only hires models and pays a ton, and just like he predicted I quit after a month, because like he predicted, I can't hold a normal job for more than that...
Anyway. Carlos came by with Thai and told me everyone loved the set and he even thought it was cool the way I disappeared right after. It's nice having a neighbor down the hall, who I play shows with and brings by Thai. And he's really nice.
I'm paying for it right now though... Drinking like that. I can't keep anything down, hunched over the toilet every five minutes and I'm dehydrated as all getout.


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself, your neighbour sounds like good news.
    Normal jobs are overated but I am sure you can do anything you want. REALLY YOU CAN

  2. hope you find some cheer. Feel better!