Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Haha" Funny.

I made myself reread the e-mails just now (yes it took an hour) though, and at least he probably got a good laugh out of them... They're totally unhinged but I was still pretty damn funny, at least.

"It probably is a gyp, haha, not that I would ever charge for it, and it probably has to do with people's transparency when you're (I'm, I'm, when I'm) touching their hand, the "vibes" I'm picking up probably just have to do with the stuff I've already ascertained, is that a word, yes, yes, I know, I don't really believe in supernatural anything, not in my head, so, why am I saying this. You're not gonna go for it. Hah. What a bizarre request, huh? Downright bizarre. I've wanted to do that... or play the Cube with you. Do you know that game.. Imagine a desert landscape. Just sand, sky, horizon line. Now a cube. Describe it to me. Okay now add a ladder. Describe. Where it is, in relation to the cube, the image, what it's made of, how many rungs... Now add... there are only 5 elements... Oh well. Not gonna happen. Genius game though.

So, like that band, Til Tuesday. Hush hush keep it down now voices carry. Great song.


XO? To Julian? What am I, totally nuts??? Apparently. JESUS. But then he responded saying the e-mails are fine, verifying Friday at noon, and he signed off "Til Tuesday". Hahaha. Which I got while I was already working on another one, which I stopped in the middle:

"Oh- I just got your e-mail, yes, Friday at noon is fine. Thanks for saying the same of the e-mails. They are NOT fine, they're mortifying, I mean wow. I sound completely insane in those e-mails. Wow. Like I'm having an argument with a sign that says "I'm Not Listening!!!" And here I am with another one. Last one."

Ha! Ridiculous. Oh well. He likes my sense of humor... not everyone gets it! Good Taste, J.

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