Monday, March 15, 2010

God, I feel good.

I really do. I went to class, I love my prof, it was fun and he likes the questions I ask and I ask a lot of questions and... I took the quiz after class, the one from Thursday, not the big test tomorrow, and so did a lot of other people, he didn't even make an issue out of it, at the beginning of class he gave them back to the ones who took them and then was just like, ok, because a lot of people didn't take the quiz yet, look over them and then hand them back and I'll give them back again tomorrow so the ones who didn't take the quiz can take it after class today, does that work?

And I took it and was just like, looking over it when I was done and was like, "Well. Here goes, I guess, staring at it isn't gonna help me now..." And he laughed it and picked it up, and he was like "It works... couple small mistakes..." and he showed me what they were and it was hardly anything... And then I talked to Jo after class and she works for a music licensing company and promoters, and she told me to bring a demo and she'll get me exposure and licensing through the company... So... I made a friend too. Yeah..

And she said I have to make a myspace page. She's the millionth person to say so, so... I'm doing it. Groan.

And I'm sitting here on campus on wifi, outside, and it's pretty, and the students are walking around and birds are chirping, and I have no idea why I didn't do this before... And I'm listening to the Gypsy Kings... And I'm teary from feeling good.. And I'm tired... And it's beautiful.

Love and Looking Up



  1. Glad to see you going at it. ust stay focused on what is important. And right now, school is important. I'm finding that I can stay focused by maing sure I stay engaged in what is going on in class. Keep participating, asking questions, and showing your professors that you want to learn. It makes a difference! And don't forget to keep smiling!!!!!