Monday, March 8, 2010

sunny feeling day

My poetry is kind of awful; I don't write poetry, it just sort of came out that way, like I wasn't quite writing lyrics, what I wanted to say sort of meandered beyond the boundaries of a song but it wouldn't relax into prose... so whatevs. Hehe. I've been waiting for a post from ks whose writing is so gorgeous it makes me ache, it's like silver... and she mentioned me in her post today and I got all teary-eyed... hey you are amazing...

Today really is like, a robust day though, and I was driving back from school and feeling really kinda sad because I realized a day like today I wanna just hang out with someone outside for a while and not be alone and I didn't have anyone to call... but then I called Sunny and I haven't seen her in ages so we're gonna go eat or get coffee or yogurt or something later... so I'm happy. I realized I haven't eaten lunch or dinner or anything with anyone in two months. Except once with Eamonn, and it was McDonald's, and maybe once at the diner with some random I met at the club after work, at like 3 am, and that doesn't count. Actually mac and cheese at Emily's once too. And when Tony brought over the rice and beans at 4 a.m. But still... thats a lot of eating alone, unwrapping packages and eating in front of the TV at midnight... sigh... I'm glad I'm getting out today.


  1. Thanks for your comments. It makes me want to write more when you say such nice things. I'm not a professional writer, but I do hope to be. I need to get a little more ambitious, you know?

    We must have some sort of spiritual connection. You know what's funny is we'd probably never have even talked to each other if we'd met in real life. But I like you. :)

  2. I like YOU. And no, we never would have, of course not. That's the beauty of this... Those boundaries crumble... You inspire me too... I actually try to swear less and stuff because I think of you reading... of course it didnt work earlier today... but i have been less... it isnt necessary.