Wednesday, March 17, 2010

kerblah. Bichizz.

I'm sitting at work, and it's dead and I'm cold and I'm hurt. I'm hurting really bad, and I can't find any motivation to make money, I just need to be here on principle, to keep a foot in the door. But I'd just as well sit here all night. The girls are being bitchy, they always are when I haven't been here a while, except the coolest chick here, who comes in whenever she wants too, but she's here a lot. I damn sure don't care about them though. I hung out with Jo from school today, and she's pretty amazingm whichi knew she would be, and saw Joanna from work just now, who I was gonna teach piano and she's just nuts. I can't.

ahhh, walking home. No money to speak of and just enough liquor in me to be really, really hungry.

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