Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Can I be sainted already?

Well that's really saying something, I told the cop. When a "miracle" is when you DON'T get towed and arrested because you couldn't find your classroom and happened to be coming home in time to...

He shrugged. Hey, it could be much worse!

Yeah. I said.

I did thank him though. He was knocking on the door to my building, where I happened to be standing, cuz I happened to run into Tony, cuz I happened to be coming home and he happened to have decided to look for the owner of the vehicle this chola bitch happened to claim "hit and run" from her vehicle even though it was fucking PARKED and running nowhere and right up on her bumper, yes, but not hitting her, and I don't know WHAT kind of damage she's going to claim, as there is none-- yes, I was too close to her bumper-- fine-- but, GODDAMN!!!

He told me he wouldn't have pressed any charges because yes, it clearly was not a hit and run, but I would have been towed, and I would have gotten a ticket for parking too close to the other vehicle, and, and, and... I didn't.

None of that happened.

So yes... a miracle indeed... another frustrated, crosseyed, sweatbroke fucking miracle day for Scarlet.

Love and Lube



  1. Sometimes all it takes is being nice...or being a pretty girl.

  2. Yeah, that works too-- though being pretty never hurts.