Tuesday, August 10, 2010

don't know if people read comments post commenting--

but i said:

so NOBODY thinks that waiting a few months, and the fact he's probably estranged from his wife (theory strengthened by no ring, telling girl he was single, AND a friends cyberstalking that shows wife changed last name from his to hers 5 years ago and he moved into a new house...), and affirmed my feelings, might lead to dating?

Nobody even considers this possible, and possibly good?

I know you all have the best wishes for me- I really do- and appreciate it... that's just kind of a bummer... but it's understandable. and i'll quit whining about it.



  1. I say go for it, as long as his wife hasn't changed her name for witness protection you're grand.

  2. Sorry - I'm bad about re-visiting posts I've already commented on just because I'm always short on time to read posts in the first place.

    What you have to get here is that again, we aren't actively trying to keep you from being happy. But forgive us if, based on the fact that he lied to you but lead you on and kept you in his life while he was lying to you, and he was your therapist, a person who is not supposed to ever, at any point in time, EVER date a patient because it's an inappropriate use of power and control - forgive us if we don't want you to wait for him.

    You know what I want for you, Scarlet? I want you to walk outside where the sun is shining on your arms and be completely free of this man and know your own sense of worth and power.

    No matter how wonderful, amazing, or perfect he is (and that's not sarcasm - he might be all of those things) I do not think that from the way your relationship with him started out that he is perfect for you.

    If you pursue this relationship, I hope I am wrong. Again - nothing but your happiness in mind. But you should honestly wait for no man.