Monday, August 9, 2010

For the love of God.

Okay- respectfully, to all readers who have had enough of this saga, respectfully-- if you've had enough, no one is making you read on.

I don't want to have to defend myself here; that's not what this blog was about. I will NOT "let it go." I will not force myself to stop feeling or thinking about something.

My therapy is over. That is official. So that's done. So no more about visits in Dr J's office.

My contact with him is over for 2-3 months. As per slightly modified APA guidelines.

If I meet someone new, or don't, or move, or whatever, I'm not stopping myself from doing that by hanging onto this dream. I never WAS. He thought maybe I was. He thought not seeing me for 3 weeks would end all my feelings...

But whatever, I KNOW, I KNEW, I was ALWAYS RIGHT about what I felt, and what I saw, and it did for some time seem like just a "what if." But I know it ain't, guys. I know it ain't.

PS. Sorry I've been so bad about reading, and writing. I've been, ya know, caught up. I'll catch up. This week. Promise.



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