Thursday, August 5, 2010

Well at least he returns my phone call.

So he wrote me and said, S, I just got back and got your messages. Confirming tomorrow's appt. Will clear things up. Regards,

I wrote back and said, well I said a bunch of stuff, but one thing was, Clear things up? Clear things up??? That's the most creative use of language out of you yet, J.

He just called me and said Scarlet?

I said Yes?

He said Hi it's Julian.

I said, Yeah. He said he got my message and wanted to return my call, and he got in really late last night and didn't check his e-mail, and he wrote that this morning because he didn't want me to have to wait all day until he had time to call me, and he is returning my call. He said is there anything that can't wait until tomorrow?

I said, whatever.

I said, I know you have a client waiting.

He said, I do have a six o clock, but I'm here, if you--

I said, I'm just really disappointed, and a little shocked.

He said, Well, that's why I didn't want to talk--

I said, I know, there's nothing that can be covered in five minutes.

He said, well, no, I think, there's a misperception here--

I said Well yes there's been a misperception for quite some time--

He said, --that will look a lot better after we talk tomorrow.

I said, Look a lot better. I don't know about that.


I said, I'm going to let you get to work now.

He said, Okay. So I'll see you tomorrow at 2 pm.

I said, Yep.

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  1. Therapist are supposed to maintain their distance you to have crossed lines which prohibit your treatment.

    It is no longer about you. It is about you and him. This is not why you started to go to therapy. This not an improvement.