Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So the Sun will Rise and the Moon will Set

And you learn how to settle for what you get.
It'll all go on if we're here or not so who cares so what.

One thing I have to say- I lost a mean 10 lbs (not waterweight, straightup) off my already lithe frame, within the last 3 weeks.

Dr J has agreed that it'll already be a month since treatment ended on Friday. Since I hadn't seen him at all ("or even written me...") for about a month before.

Soooo what if you're all right, and he's a cad, or he said I was right that he loved me, just to make me it easier for me to leave.

So what.

I have a meeting with Playboy tomorrow. I don't know. I don't know about this stuff.


  1. Good luck with the Playboy thing! I'm assuming it's a meeting to model for them, right? Well, I hope you get it (if you want it, that is) and am sending ya out some positive vibes.

    Let us know what happens...

  2. I wish I could loose 10 pounds in three weeks right now, I need some emotional turmoil that always does it for me too.

    I never said he was a Cad, I said him being your therapist was no good for you, him being married is no good for you and him having feeling for you and not suggest you see someone else up front was no good for you.

    I hope Playboy works out the way you'd like. I hope everything works out the way you'd like. Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. I'll reiterate here what most of us have said before at some point or another - we are interested in your well-being and safety above all else. I promise you, your faithful commenters are not sitting here hoping to be proved right about their suspicions of J., or be proved wrong when we say that we know you can step away from all of this and start to become well again.

    We just want what is best for you. But it seems that maybe right now even you don't know exactly what that looks like...

  4. Amen to Pheonix. And Bathwater for that matter.

  5. so NOBODY thinks that waiting a few months, and the fact he's probably estranged from his wife (theory strengthened by no ring, telling girl he was single, AND a friends cyberstalking that shows wife changed last name from his to hers 5 years ago and he moved into a new house...), and affirmed my feelings, might lead to dating?

    Nobody even considers this possible, and possibly good?

    I know you all have the best wishes for me- I really do- and appreciate it... that's just kind of a bummer... but it's understandable. and i'll quit whining about it.


  6. Alright it might lead to dating, it might lead to a whole world of good possibilities. I will wait for you to decide. :)