Thursday, August 5, 2010

To Phoenix and Bathwater

I know. I know. I just want to hear what this last thing is he has to say. And Bathwater that's exactly right about the strip club patron, and I told him so.

I'm just an idiot.


  1. You are not an idiot, Phoenix is much better at words than I, but I have been in your shoes, I've done my time in the clubs (still do). I've been in love with someone to the point it has become toxic to my very existence.

    Regardless of what he says and does, you can not be near him right now. He can not help you.

  2. You're not an idiot. Sorry, I'm just seeing this now as I am not around computers from Friday to Sunday.

    We've all been there, just like Bath pointed out. We just hate watching you be in pain. Alas, it looks like I've missed a lot of your posts over the weekend so I'm heading off to read them. Will leave comments where I see fit.

    I care about your well-being, Scarlet.