Saturday, August 7, 2010

OK, Back to this SHIT Again:

Okay, you're right, world! If something is apparently going right in my world, it is because I'm a stupid ugly moron and someone is trying to take advantage of me, OR I'm just making it all up in my head. In this case, I again, either just READ INTO plain English and mistook it for meaning something which it did not-- or, the person whom I've come to know very intimately, because I am a horrible judge of character, is actually an awful person, who just wants to take advantage of me, even though I didn't pay for the last two months worth of therapy, because I a stupid ugly moron.

One or the other.

Either way, it's gonna get pretty awful up around here.


  1. Well don't listen to them. They weren't there. You know what it was or wasn't. I think you have a pretty accurate view of the world around you, at least once you're out of a particular situation. So take a while to think about it see it for what it really was. If it's worth going back to in a couple of months or a year, then you'll know it. If it isn't, then you can keep that nice memory and use it as your "closure". Don't beat yourself up. You know yourself better than they do.

  2. THANK YOU Kris :-) I love you. Thank you for saying that.