Saturday, May 29, 2010


I spent Thursday night with Cam...

He's so gorgeous, just a drop-deader, he's a model and he was on this tv show... When I go out with him everybody looks at us, and he's really sweet to me, he always has been, and he's funny too... I feel like he tries a little hard sometimes, and sometimes he doesn't know how to act and like, treat women, like when Elena was here, and I wanted her to meet him, cuz we were sort of kind of briefly dating, and he invited us to watch UFC at this sports bar with his friends... and she was totally like "Ugh, what kind of MAN was that, he didn't even buy me a DRINK, he sat over THERE, what WAS that?" and, I agree with her, but it's not THAT big of a deal, he's only 25... I NEVER date someone who's not even a couple years older than me, NEVER, but, I probably SHOULD. All the men I'm attracted to, that are way older than me, and I feel like, it's partly a maturity thing, but it's also just a physical thing, like, an AESTHETIC thing, like, it's also just FASHION-- are MARRIED. Cuz if they're not, by that age, they're usually a little weird... I mean there are tons of exceptions, but, often, that is often the case.

Cam's kind of in my scene, in my industry, and he's smart, he has a soul, just a weird way of expressing it sometimes, I mean it's just old asshole guy habits, but he's never an asshole to me.
He still calls me too, it's been more than a year and we've stayed friends, even though I've like flaked off and so has he... But he called me Thursday just out of the blue.

We had coffee, and talked about stuff, and I told him how no one ever sees my apartment, and he said Well you never invite me up, and I said Come up! And he said Ok I'm going to go write for a little bit... and I had to meet the director of this movie I'm doing... basically playing myself, haha... and then I called him and he brought over this crazy hot movie, and we watched it together on my little twin bed. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond before he came over too to get new sheets cuz mine were just old and gross... And then we went for a drink, and he was really hilarious talking about people at the bar... and we did the drunken thing where you meet some random woman and her gay friend from Spain and like exchange numbers and never talk to them... and then we got some gross little tacos from 7-11 and he walked me home...

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