Friday, May 14, 2010

I was on the phone with him. He was cold. I asked him if everything was okay with his family. He sounded annoyed at this. He only had a few minutes as always. All he talked about was costs and insurance and how we could try once weekly and then go back to twice if I wanted to and he wouldn't let me speak and I had written him I wanted to cancel Tuesday and just see him Friday next week (though I don't know if I'll want to see him Friday but it's an easier transition and... I might...) but he kept cutting me off and saying so okay think about what you'll want to do, and then Tuesday, and I'd say No, it's-- and he'd cut me off, talking about his deposition which might run late but Here's what we'll do, I'll confirm by 11, but I don't like to leave you hanging, but I just can't guarantee, and I started to say, It's fine I'll just- and he said, Unless you WANT to just wait til Friday, and I said, yes, and he said Okay, okay, so think about what you'll want to do, as far as twice a week, or once a week, and let's just plan on Friday.

One thing: My promise to you. To all of you. Is I am not writing him. I am not writing him anymore.

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  1. It is just my opinion but don't waste your words on him anymore! ever.x