Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One more for good measure:

Sorry guys for the noise but this is kind of a really big deal. So here goes nothing.

To: Julian
From: Scarlet

No fear, no fear, no pretty words here.

I'm trying to be straight forward, and it's not in place of doing so when I speak to you, I'm just kind of organizing my thoughts in case I can't, when I mean to, which I don't think will happen, but God knows I have surprised myself in that regard. Too wordy already! I just want to reiterate it's hard for me to say because you've told me pretty much point blank that I'm wrong, and I think you meant it at the time or were playing a little, and maybe you're just playing now, I don't know, and really I enjoy the playing quite a bit so I'm not mad at it, but I'm not playing now, and it's not a joke, and I know what I feel, and I think I know what you feel, but I'm really not sure, but, I'm a big girl, right, and I can handle it, whatever it is, and I can understand it, and again, if I'm just incredibly wrong about everything that's okay too. Well, it's not exactly okay, but it is what it is, for lack of a better expression there. Sorry to put all of this rather serious conversation into an e-mail, but I have to get it down, and I want you to hear it, one way or another. Preferably not this way, preferably the other, but. Okay. That's all, got it.
<3 you, <3 and <3 to you, for you, that's all.

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