Saturday, May 1, 2010

Phone Call w Julian #3


(sotto voce) Hi.


So did Madeline get her food?

Yeah. She didn't have it since the morning, which is a big deal for her fat ass. (giggle)

(laugh) So I read your emails. So you didn't drink last night, that's good.

I didn't I did not. The party was good, it was... it was fine.

And today?

Today was bad. Last night was fine. And today is bad. (giggle.) I had to get a new computer actually cu3 it broke, and then I did nary a thing. Except write e-mails, and allow myself some twisted fantasies, and beverage or three...

Are you in for the night? (heard as Are you enjoying it?)

Am I enjoying it? (laughs)

What? (laughs) No I said are you--

Oh are you IN FOR THE-- (laughs)

No, I'm not THAT clumsy. (laughs) I said are you in for the night?

(still laughing) Oh YEAH. I been in for the DAY. Totally in for the night. Possibly even tomorrow. Thinkin' about it. So hey, I have a good old-fashioned shrink question for you?


Is this, what I'm doing, is this NOOOORMAL?

The way you're feeling?

The way I'm feeling, and the way I'm acting... Haha nevermind, not the way I'm acting, just the feelings.

Well, I think you're more in touch with your emotions than most people, so it's less filtered, but yeah I would, well I don't know what the connotation of 'normal' is to you; is it a pejorative or an aspiration?

(laughs) In this case, an aspiration. Definitely.

Well, then, yeah. Yeah I'd say it's normal... magnified.

Good... well you said you'd been through-- can I ask you questions right now?

Well, I'd prefer not to get into too much detail about that now, but I'd be happy to answer them on Monday.

Okay. You know people were real mean to me today...


Yeah, I had three just like... hang up the phone on me. I don't wanna keep you if you have to go...

Okay, well let me know if you want to check in tomorrow and really, feel free, with the e-mails, to write whatever you like...

I can say ANYTHING?

Yes, I look at it, as, well in Logic, there's the argument of No party gets hurt.

(laughs) Ahhh, good.

Yes, no party was injured by these comments. (laughs)

Okay, good.

Okay, good night, take care.

Okay, bye,



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