Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Scarlet's OK List

1. I'm a good writer-- I mean it's convoluted, the content is self-absorbed, it's repetitive and indulgent and boring, but it's okay.

2. I'm a good dancer.

3. I can take care of myself, to some degree, I can pay my bills and get dressed in the morning- albeit in old torn up dirty clothes sometimes.

4. I don't talk SHIT about people. Anything I ever say that sounds like a criticism is something I have or will share with them personally.

5. I'm pretty good about running.

6. Somehow I've kept a lot of friends for a really long time.

7. I am honest.

8. Boys think I'm pretty. ... I know that's not really a good quality in some people's opinions, but I think it is with other people I mean I value it in others, and, I mean it's still... well maybe it doesn't count. I don't know. I'm just running out here. I want to make 10 things.

8. I'm good to my cat, she's the happiest cat around, and she loves me. Ohgod I'm crying.
10. One more thing. One more thing. Two, if 8 doesn't count... but I can't think of two. I can't think of one.

9. OH. Okay. I've read a lot of books. And I really, really... Wait ok...

10. I really really love with all my heart.

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