Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome to my life.

It's nothing but French curls and crazy circles here.

I had to reboot; all this wiring, it wasn't for naught, but tangles and tangles for too long and you're stuck with a head full of dreads.

Black and white thinking is common in Borderline types, but you seem to forget that some things just are black and white.

You understand me or you don't.

You're with me or you're not.

You can or you can't.

This is a symphony or it's not.

Everything I own is absolutely filthy fucked. Everything I own is covered in cat hair. Everything I own is covered in the dust of ideas I had and tears I shed while I was writing Act II. Everything I wrote became real, and everything real become something I wrote.

What did you do today? I waited and waited and waited.

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