Monday, May 10, 2010

Passive Aggressive Response

BLOGGING: The Top 5 Worst.

5. Ironic comment-leavery: You don't gotta do that. Really. Is it strange not to want unpleasant criticisms of my lifechoices, my thinking, or my writing, on my own page? Call me a weirdo.

4. 3D-->0D Stalkery: If I made the mistake of sharing this link with you ages ago when I realized neither how personal it would be, nor how preposterous YOU would be, please don't.

3. Cyberoblivion: My own lack of awareness when writing that this particular here Diary is for the world's eyes only.

2. Cyberignorance: My inability to know who is going to read this, search this, memorize bits of this to bring up in conversation.

1. Ultimate High Self Absorbency Towelettes: Hey! Don't skim this looking for something about yourself! You're not in here! It's boring! You'll be bored out of your mind! My life is boring to you- and YOU. Are BORING. To ME. That's right. I'll prattle away all day about my fantasies sooner than write about those few dull hours I wasted listening to you bullshit about your accomplishments. So move it along, please.

Extra Credit: Why Am I Doing This Again, Anyway??? I really don't know. I am an exhibitionist. I guess. I like that lovely people and writers from out here are interested... I like that. Knowing that it's engaging enough to read sometimes. Makes me write more. But again- PLEASE- if you're a real-life person and any of the above objections ring a bell- just QUIT IT, will ya?? Or don't. Keep on keeping on...

...But know that I know you're doing it, and I think you're an ass, and if that's your passive-aggressive way to get on my nerves, this is my passive-aggressive response for you to F off. Cool? Cool.

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  1. You are doing this for the same reason I am, because you are being courageous enough to purge your demons in this simultaneously soul-baring and anonymous medium. May it bring you the occasional solace to temper all the bullshit.

    Your fantasies are valid. And Julian does reciprocate, in his own weird way. Not that that's a good thing. It just is.

    And the Zen master said, "We'll see."

    Keep it up, lady. Don't let the man get you down.