Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Aaaaand what else is new.

Never mind about Naima being back on the team. Drove all the way to the west side to pick her up, she didn't have my stuff I left, we drove all the way east to Julian's magic forest carousel where the hike was, and she read the waiver that said they're not responsible for death or whatever-- the usual shit-- and said "I cannot do this. You have to drive me back. One time I went on a hike and almost DIED" and babbled on and on about that and I was SO disappointed and I drove her all the way back and just dropped her off, she babbled about herself the whole three hours this took, didn't apologize... I feel like shit.


  1. Honestly you would have thought she would have at least apologised after letting you down!

  2. I'm getting a little worried about you, hon. Are you honestly okay right now?

  3. @Em, yeah exactly, she was just like, no, sorry,and she's THIRTY EIGHT and i'm 24 and she doesnt have a car in LA. ughhhhhhh.

    @Phoenix- why, because i'm overreacting to this you think?? or just in general?? i dunno im not totally ok but..