Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh, and "Inception."

I just saw Inception. Tell ya the truth, it stank. Everyone loved it, so don't take it from me though. I saw it with R--- and Katia and they loved it. I was sitting there like omg i REALLY wish i brought a xanax. OMG, its already 9 30 and they just introduced 71294750 new plot devices. KILL ME.

It was one of these dark, eerie, solitary, existentialist Chris Nolan mindfucks where like, we don't know what's real and what's a memory, dream, or reflection, and what's it matter ANYWAY??? Perhaps because I am daily struggling with those issues, I expect a little more from their treatment onscreen..... but.... COME ON, MAN.

Okay, here's what it's about. A mon avis.:

The dangers of escapism in the digital age, globalization, the dissolution of the nuclear family, that is truly what it is about, it's downright xenophobic. But, the actual plot is.. too convoluted to really say, i mean, its got some really neat little ideas, a whole bunch of manipulative classical film score music, lots of strings, very loud, scores scores, (that Hans just Zimmers away, don't he? I actually caught myself covering my ears autistically at one point but I mean the whoooole thing is cloyingly, demandingly scored, “be afraid, be very afraid!” stringy, I think there were about 9.3 minutes total of shhh in the whole whopping 160 minute epic) and scores of special effects.

Pseudopsychology, dreams, lots of little tricks but being that its built upon that trickery of logic, the fact that a lot of it's unexplained and doesn't add up sucks, the plot is thin and the characters are pisspoor and all the same, with no sense of humor at all, and i realize this is probably intentional because of the twist at the end.... which is guess the fuck what?? It's like, what is the #1, Fiction 101, amateur-hour oopsie in writing?

Don't, for the love of it, DON'T have it end with, it was all a dream!..........


And it was just too long. Two and a half legcramped, ritalinstarved hours.

Like, I caught all the little "clues" along the way and groaned out loud. And when I watch these big blockbusters, like, I think, okay, a bunch of really smart moneyed people poured oh 8,9 billion dollars into this yeah? So I just go for the bottomline message. And this one was, it seriously was, like- Ya fuck around with technology and faaaake stuff and strangers and go globetrotting, your family's gonna SUFFER and someone's gonna DIE and you're gonna MISS 'EM and you can't come back and you'll be caught in limbo forever!!!!!!! Stay in Duh-merica and keep yer fly zipped and don't go thinkin' all crazy!!!

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  1. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I just saw it last week and thought it sucked as well but everyone I know seems to think it was the greatest thing ever! I was beginning to think there is something wrong with my movie meter or something but at least now you have my back! LOL! And, yes it was too long--I was wriggling my pregger butt all over the place by the time it was over!

    Happy Saturday, Scarlet!