Friday, July 30, 2010

good night moon

that was a good idea. obviously. to work i mean. i'm so tired but, i made some money, vinnie made me laugh, and i actually got along great with the girls tonight. don't know what it was. it was just kinda easy tonight. laid back.

oh and lena's not doing it anymore. i'm glad. i'm a solo artist.

i think about going and working at the crazy horse a couple nights a week sometimes... i know i can make a shit ton more money there... i just don't think they'd let me have a random ass schedule like at the spearmint... i'd probably have to work there on a regular schedule, at least 3x a week, and it's not that close to my place...

sigh. i REALLY need to get the thigh high boots already. i keep being cheap/lazy and putting it off. it's just you get bruises on your legs hoisting up the pole. it's the only way. a lot of the girls don't climb all the way to the top, and some just wear thigh high striped socks or something. but otherwise, i'm sick of having bruises on my legs.

whatever. i have so much to do as usual i made a to-do list and it makes me wanna sob.

that's it. i'm home. i'm tired. i wanna work tomorrow again instead of all this other crap.

it's all i wanna do.

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