Monday, July 5, 2010

Bloody Marys

Btw, here it is:

I eyeball everything so the amounts aren't exact, but they're key, but it's basically:

Highball glass, fill with ice, 4 count vodka (1.5 oz)
Fill with PLAIN tomato juice, like from a can, NO MIX, til its about an inch from the top.
THREE slices of lemon or lime- SQUEEZE the dickens out of them into the glass, and leave 'em in there.
Horseradish- A LOT, like a teaspoon
Shake some celery salt on there to cover the top
shake shake some pepper
Olive juice, like from the olive jar, like for a dirty martini style, like a teaspoon
2-count worcestishire sauce (as in turn the bottle over and count 1, 2)
1-count Tabasco


then SHAKE

stick in a celery stick as your accoutrement.



  1. do you dabble in bartending by any chance?

  2. 7 yrs professional dabbling yes, hehe