Wednesday, July 28, 2010

i'm fine now.

JB's phonecall last night sorta set me straight

I'm BUSY. I'm busy with people taking photos of me... and trying to book shows... cleaning up my messes... trying to keep friends... reading my bible (Infinite Jest)... planning to go to the club... wandering around, just a little, in places where Julian goes, even though he's not here, maybe it's symbolic of my desire for unrequite... being rather unbright... collecting.

i've given up on magic sometime back

it doesn't seem to work for me

biweekly my sexual needs get taken care of, by P and all... i have to say, he does a damn fine job, i'm not even always fantasizing about Jul anymore, cuz it's really good, it's making me like him, cuz he just tells me what to do. he's married as well. patterns. patterns shapes and forms.

Naima's back on the team. we're about to go on nighthike where julian told me to go.

he kept saying, I go there sometimes and its really nice and that little coffee place there is really good too,

and then he also kept saying, Well, I've never been personally--

and then out of thin air he told me he didn't have a Facebook account. I said Jul you are all over the place-- under my breath-- he said, what? he blushed because it was the first time I called him Jul-- I said Nothing, and he said No no what did you-- No really, never mind, it was bullshit-- Okay, fine. --Okay, cool. I laughed.


The gay couple next door to me are the BOMB. now its me and them against the stupid building. the stupid building tried to get me to pay for the damage caused by some leaky old pipes. they said it was because my toilet was broken and kept running water all the time.

i said how in the name of god was i supposed to know, let alone be responsible for this garbage?

they said It was your responsibility to report it.

I said, but I didn't know about it.

They said, well, but you were supposed to report it.

I said, SIGH.

I said, I'm not a plumber and the pipes are rotten and that's not my responsibility Alberto.

He said The pipes aren't rotten.

I thought, he hasn't checked the goddamn pipes. I said Whatever. I'm not paying this.

Then I knocked on Mike and Matt's door and went in there and ranted about the stupidity of this whole thing, and they told me that the fat lards downstairs said their floor caved in. And I said how could the water cave a floor in? And Matt said in a stage whisper-- Theyre REALLY heavy. And then they told me that the goddamn pipes were so broken in THEIR apartment the main broke 3 times. And that I should write the fuckers a letter and that they would sign their names on it. Then Mike gave me some xanax to chill out and told me not to tell Matt though. And then we went to Subway.

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